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Aleksandra Bilgic is highly trained dancer and has wealth of experience in teaching and performing various dance styles (oriental, ballet, character, contemporary) and sport disciplines. She has passion for the art of dance and for helping others discover their inner dancer.

Aleksandra was born in Chelm, Eastern Poland in 1988. At the age of sixteen, she started attending Art High School in Nałęczów (Poland) joining specialisation class in applied art, toy design.

In 2010, she completed her bachelor's studies at Poland's most
prestigious university, Jagiellonian University (on first place in Poland’s Universities ranking, also listed on the ARWU list and QS World University Ranking) in department of German Philology. Starting her professional career in 2010 in an international company, she continued her studies extramurally, earning Master's degree in German philology at the University of Wroclaw in 2012.

She speaks 4 languages (Polish, German, English, Russian) and has 8 years of professional experience in international companies in analytical positions and at the same time she successfully pursue her dancing carrier.

In 2018 she took part in the first Irish edition of the TV3 program "Ireland's Got Talent" in live auditions in front of a jury: Louis Walsh, Michelle Visage, Jason Byrne, Denise van Outen, receiving two votes for yes and two votes for no.

Aleksandra has 10 years of dance experience in various styles. She trained classical (ballet), contemporary, slavic and balkan folklore, oriental dance and also rhythmic gymnastics.

In 2008 she was semi-finalist of the Miss Lesser Poland contest, which was part of qualification to Miss Poland, national beauty pageants contest.

As bellydancer she performed at numerous competitions and dance festivals such as Egyptian Fever Festival (Poland), Vienna Orient Festival (Austria), Shimmy in the City (UK) Pyramid Awards (Scotland), Miss Dublin Bellydance (Ireland), Karavan Festival (Ukraine), Warsaw Dance Weekend (Poland). She is finalist of International Championships: Eastern European Oriental Championship in 2016 and Semi Finalist of IDO World Championship Belly Dance in 2012 and IDO European Championship Show Belly Dance in 2012 held by International Dance Organization. She was finalist of Polish National IDO Championship in Belly Dance in March 2012, in Show category.

Since November 2015 she works as ballet and contemporary dancer in Classical and Street Dance Theatre "The Watchmaker" under Veronika's Sardiko directory. She performed with the show on the stages of the Olympia Theatre in Dublin in May 2017, Black Box Theatre in Galway in October 2017 and at the Lisbon Dance Platform in July 2018. She will be touring with the dance theatre company to Switzerland in May 2019, for shows in Zürich and Genève.

As individual dancer she performs on various cultural festivals and events in Dublin. In 2018 she performed at Festival of Russian Culture, dance show Cinderella's Dreamland in Smock Alley Theatre, as well as at Russian Charity Ball. She modelled for numerous photo sessions devoted to dance themes, working with award winning photographers such as Anna Louise Hally (Ireland), Anne Sophie Gigan (France) and Robert Kelly (U.S).

In 2018 she decided to start teaching oriental dance regularly and start her own classes with aim to inspire and teach other women on how to be confident, successful and fulfilled as she believes in universal female power – “woman should pursue herself in every field she wants, as a professional, as dancer, writer, actress, artist and as a wife and mother”. She strongly believes woman has right be successful in all of those fields simultaneously – having successful career and happy love and family life at the same time. “Dance is one of the tools which can and should be used on journey of self-development and investment into woman’s life. Belly dance makes you aware of the full potential you have as a woman and helps you to build your confidence", she says.


Belly dance classes

Dublin Bellydance Project was founded with aim to make women connect with their sensitivity, delicacy, purity and femininity through art of oriental dance, as well as improve their presence, physical attractiveness and health. Women are living in challenging times as due to high paced life and activity in business areas they feel pressured to neglect most of primal features. “In past years I was struggling myself with my emotionality as a woman and as an artist. I was facing pressure from society that women’s emotions are weak point and something unwanted in modern world. Thanks to belly dance I found a way to express my emotions in safe environment and re-connect with my femininity, which made me psychologically stronger. I understood this is something what every woman needs - to find time for herself and listen to her feelings and intuition” Aleksandra explains. She adds she also found out observing her students, that long hours people spend in the office highly impact their postures and body mobility. Bellydance as every type of activity helps to improve posture and make body more flexible and mobile. This is an important investment into health for woman to avoid physical pain later in life. Therefore she launched Dublin Bellydance Project to share her knowledge with other women and teach them how to look after themselves in most feminine way, loving female emotions, taking care of the body and consciously working towards living happy life. She runs weekly class in Dublin 8 in MyArt Dublin School of Dance, located in 5 Newmarket, Dublin 8. Every woman, in every age and shape is welcome to join anytime.

Saturday class

Whether you’re looking to learn new dance moves or hone in on your existing talent, this class is what you are looking for. The class starts with slow energetic warm up, waking up all body parts (head, neck, shoulders, chest, hips, legs, feet) and preparing body for more advanced movements. We learn and practise different bellydance movements and body isolations, such as camels, shimmies, drops, circles, figure 8 etc.  Then we move onto short choreography and finish the class with relaxing and cooling down stretching.

Private class

Too shy for class in big group? Don't give up! Private lessons, class at home can be arranged for you. Personal training for competition is also available. If you are intermediate or advanced bellydancer and you are looking for professional preparation for international competition this option is perfect for you. Aleksandra has long experience of competing internationally in front of such judges as Randa Kamel, Tito Seif, Mohamed Shahin, Marta Korzun, Anna Borisova, Suraiya, Osama Mimi Farag, Yulianna Voronina and will be more than happy to share her knowledge and experience to enhance your stage personality and improve your technique. Please contact us to find best option for you.


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